Temperance is the pillar of balanced health. (Pr 25:28)

Temperance is one of the fruits of the Spirit. (Gal 5:22,23)

We are to practice temperance. (Ac 24:24,25, 1Co 9:25, 2Pe 1:5-15)

Temperance - "Moderation; particularly, habitual moderation in regard to the indulgence of the natural appetites and passions; restrained or moderate indulgence; as temperance in eating and drinking; temperance in the indulgence of joy or mirth. temperance in eating and drinking is opposed to gluttony and drunkenness, and in other indulgences, to excess." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Moderation - "The state of being moderate, or of keeping a due mean between extremes or excess of violence." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Moderate - "Literally, limited; restrained; hence, temperate; observing reasonable bounds in indulgence; as moderate in eating or drinking, or in other gratifications. ... Placed between extremes; holding the mean or middle place; ..." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Habit - "A disposition or condition of the mind or body acquired by custom or a frequent repetition of the same act. habit is that which is held or retained, the effect of custom or frequent repetition." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Restrained - "withheld; repressed; suppressed" (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Definition themes: balanced, habitual, restrained

Temperance principles

We are to use that which is healthful in moderation. (Php 4:5)

Examples (sugar): We need sugar for energy (Pr 24:13), but too much is harmful (promoting high blood sugar (diabetes)) (Pr 25:16,27).

Examples (salt): We need salt to retain water, but too much is harmful (promoting high blood pressure (hypertension)).

Examples (water): We need water for structure and metabolism, but too much is harmful (promoting life-threatening cell swelling (hyponatremia)).

We are to adhere to a regular (habitual) schedule. (Ecc 3:1, 1Co 14:40, Eph 5:15,16)

The "lower" creatures naturally follow God's schedules for them. (Jer 8:7, Pr 6:6-8, Pr 30:25)

Our schedule is the framework for our lifestyle practices.

Our schedule defines the "what" and the "when" of our lives.

The "what" are the essential elements and practices needed for true health.

The "when" judiciously allocates time for each "what".

We are to abstain from everything harmful. (Mt 16:24, 1Pe 2:11, 1Th 5:22)

Supposedly "small" harms can accumulate over time and eventually destroy and kill.

Examples: alcohol, in all its forms, is a slow poison. (Pr 23:31,32)

Examples: tobacco, in all its forms, is a slow poison. (1Co 3:16,17 compare Lev 10:1,2)

Besides better health, abstaining from harmful items and practices saves significant time and money. (Eph 5:15,16)

True temperance encompasses the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. (1Co 10:31)

Do ...

This section presents healthful things for which time must be allocated in our schedule.

God is the ultimate source of all good things. (Jas 1:17, Jn 10:10 second part)

These essential, healthful practices are presented in detail in the other true health pillars.

It is here in the temperance pillar that they come alive in the context of a personal/family schedule.

In this context, temperance is our true health scheduling system.

Physical health

We need daily physical activity. (Ac 17:28)

Walking involves all the muscles and organs, and greatly improves circulation.

Walking in God's beautiful creation calms the mind and elevates the spirit.

We need a digestive walk after every meal.

We need daily sleep.

Adults need 7-8 hours per night.

Each hour before midnight is equivalent to 2 hours after midnight.

We need to go to bed early and get up early.

We need daily, natural, healthy food. (Mt 6:11)

The best diet is the original, Eden diet. (Ge 1:29, Ge 3:17-19)

The original diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and beans (legumes).

We need to eat a good breakfast and lunch.

Start eating lunch no sooner that 5 hours after breakfast.

If a third meal is eaten, it should consist of foods that are more quickly digested, such as fruit and bread.

Stop eating no later than 5 hours before bedtime.

With this plan, breakfast is, literally, breaking a fast.

We need daily, natural, pure water. (Rev 22:1)

The best water is as God designed it.

Depending upon the source, tap water, well water, and bottled water contain varying degrees of bacteria, cysts, parasites, viruses, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, chlorine, fluoride, toxic heavy metals, biological waste, pharmaceutical drugs, and many other harmful substances.

The purest water is distilled water that is post-filtered and stored in a glass container.

Distilled water does not leach minerals from our body.

Distilled water does not harm our body's acid/base (pH) balance.

We need to get sufficient water throughout the day.

Drink water when thirsty.

Stop drinking no later than 30 minutes before a meal.

Start drinking again no sooner that 2 hours after a meal.

We need daily, natural sunshine and fresh air. (Mal 4:2)

Mental health

We need daily Bible study. (Dt 8:3, Lk 4:4)

We need to work 6 days a week to provide for our family. (Ex 20:9, 1Ti 5:8)

We need practical work that integrates our body and mind. (Ge 2:8,15, 1Th 4:11,12)

We need a practical, family business.

We need to educate our children. (Dt 6:6,7, Eph 6:4)

We need a daily family circle meeting. (Heb 3:13, Mt 18:20)

We need recreation. (Mt 11:28)

Recreation - "Refreshment of the strength and spirits after toil;" (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Examples: playing musical instruments (1Sa 16:23)

Examples: creating works of art

Examples: building practical things

Examples: family nature outings

Examples: the weekly Sabbath rest (Ex 23:12)

We need to give for God. (Lk 6:38, 2Co 9:7)

We need to give tithes for God. (Lev 27:30, Mal 3:10)

We need to give offerings for God. (Ac 20:35)

We need to recognize symptoms of imbalance/disease. (Pr 29:18)

We need to review and tune our plans and schedule as impressed by God. (Ps 19:12, Ps 139:23,24)

We need to host others who are in social need. (Lev 19:34, Ro 12:13 second part)

Spiritual health

We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Eph 5:18)

The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey God. (Ac 5:32)

We need to pray to God. (Lk 11:1-4)

We need to pray consistently 3 times a day. (Da 6:10, Ps 55:17)

We need to pray in the morning. (Pr 8:17, Mk 1:34,35)

We need to pray before each meal. (Mt 15:36)

We need to pray daily in the family circle.

We need to pray for others. (Col 1:9)

We need to worship God. (Rev 14:7)

We need to worship God daily in the family circle.

We need to worship God weekly in your local church Sabbath assembly. (Heb 10:24-26)

We need to help others who are in physical and/or mental need. (Isa 58:6,7, Mt 25:31-40)

We need to help others who are in spiritual need. (2Co 5:18-20)

We need to teach others about Jesus. (Mt 28:18-20)

We need to participate in church outreach ministries. (Mt 5:14,15)

We need to have a fruitful, family ministry. (1Co 3:9)

Do not ...

This section presents harmful things that must be prevented.

Satan is the ultimate source of all harmful things. (Rev 12:12, Mt 13:24-30, Jn 10:10 first part)

In this context, temperance is our true health immune system. (Lev 13:52, 2Co 6:17, Jas 4:7)

Note that there are many more "Do not"s listed than "Do"s.

However, there is no time or monetary cost involved in not doing something.

On the contrary, prevention of harm through abstension will save untold time and money.

Physical harm

Do not treat the symptoms of disease.

Symptoms are the body's natural reactions to combat disease.

Treating the symptoms does not cure a disease. (Mt 7:26,27, Mk 2:22, Lk 8:43)

The root cause/causes must be identified and corrected. (Gal 6:7)

Examples: clogged sink drain pipe

You can repeatedly treat the symptoms with periodic plunging, boiling water, baking soda and vinegar, dangerous caustic chemicals, mechanical piercing/boring, or expensive pipe replacement.

It is far better to treat the cause with a simple, preventive filter that you can easily remove and clean.

Examples: prescription drugs

Prescription drugs artificially suppress the symptoms of a disease without addressing its root cause/causes.

Many prescription drugs have harmful/deadly long-term side effects.

For treating osteoporosis, one popular prescription drug interferes (by design) with your body's natural mechanism of removing old, dead/brittle bone.

Bone loss therefore appears to stop, but actually the bones become progressively weaker.

If not discontinued within a few years, harmful results should be expected, including:

bone/joint pains, instability, spontaneous hip fracture, and deterioration of the jawbone.

For treating various cardiovascular diseases, blood thinners are often prescribed.

Blood thinners do not thin blood.

Instead, they interfere (by design) with your body's natural, blood clotting, safety mechanism.

Side effects can include prolonged internal and/or external bleeding, bleeding gums, bloody urine/feces, dizziness, muscle weakness, rashes, and hair loss.

Examples: surgeries

Many surgeries address the symptoms of a disease without addressing its root cause/causes.

Surgery side-effects can include infection, scarring, adhesions, and collateral nerve damage.

Many surgeries require prescription drugs, such as antibiotics, to be taken short term.

Some surgeries require prescription drugs, such as blood thinner for heart valve replacement, to be taken long term.

If the root cause/causes are not addressed, the condition should be expected to recur.

In God's design, every part serves an important function and should be removed only as a last resort. (1Co 12:26)

Examples: arm (work), leg (movement), kidney (waste removal), lung (oxygen intake), gall blander (bile storage), tonsils (immune system), wisdom tooth (food ingestion, jawbone health), appendix (reserve of good bacteria).

However, if one part threatens to destroy the whole, then it must either be healed or removed. (physical application of Mt 5:29,30)

Examples: malignant tumor, tooth with root canal broadcasting bacteria and/or their toxins from miles of microscopic dentin tubule abodes.

Examples: supplements

Taking supplements is an attempt to address a difficiency without addressing its root cause/causes.

In God's plan there are no deficiencies. (Dt 8:7-10 "not lack any thing", Ps 84:11 "no good thing withheld", Php 4:19, 2Pe 1:3)

Your body is designed to digest and absorb nutrients from integrated, naturally-balanced whole foods via intricate metabolisms.

By necessity, supplements are extracted from their natural, integrated, supporting environment.

Extracted supplements are damaged by air, light, and time.

Extracted supplements are often available only in exceedingly high, harmful doses.

Extracted supplements are often added in processed foods.

"enriched" foods - added vitamin and/or mineral supplements

"fortified" foods - added protein supplements

Focus on fundamentals, not supplementals.

Do not eat unclean foods. (Lev 11:1-47, Lev 20:25, Da 1:8 king's "meat", Isa 52:11, 2Co 6:17 last part)

Unclean foods are those that God has forbidden us to consume.

Unclean foods include scavengers and predators.

Examples (land): pig (Lev 11:7, Isa 66:17)

Pigs contain parasitic worms.

Examples (water): shrimp, lobster, crabs, clams, and catfish (Lev 11:9-12)

Shellfish contain concentrated toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

Do not consume animal blood. (Lev 3:17, Lev 7:26,27, Dt 12:23-25, 1Sa 14:31-34, Ac 15:20,28,29)

The life is in the blood. (Ge 9:4, Lev 17:10-14)

Diseases and toxins are also in the blood.

Do not consume animal fat. (Lev 3:17, Lev 7:23-25,31)

Animal fat is saturated fat.

Saturated fat causes our liver to produce excess cholesterol.

Without saturated fat, our liver already produces all the cholesterol we need.

Animal products also contain cholesterol, which directly contributes to excess cholesterol.

Excess cholesterol clogs arteries and promotes heart attack, stroke, arthritis, impotence, diabetes, and certain cancers.

Plant products predominantly contain only unsaturated fat.

Plant products contain no cholesterol.

Excess fat thickens the blood, promoting red blood cells to stick together in clumps.

Clumbs of red blood cells carry less oxygen because their exposed surface area is greatly diminished.

Clumps of red blood cells cannot enter small capillaries.

Do not consume junk foods.

We are not to harm ourselves with a nutrient deficient diet. (Ecc 10:17 eat for strength)

Do not consume "refined" foods.

Refined foods are stripped of their natural fiber.

Examples: white rice (vs. brown rice)

Examples: fruit juices (vs. whole fruits)

Fiber contains valuable nutrients and is necessary for proper digestion.

Unrefined plant products contain an abundance of fiber.

(Note that animal products contain no fiber.)

Do not consume processed foods.

Processed foods contain harmful additives.

Examples: excess sugar (promotes obesity) (soft drinks, pastries, candy, many canned foods)

Examples: excess salt (promotes high blood pressure) (salted potato chips, salted nuts, many canned foods)

Examples: partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats) (promote cardiovascular disease due to production of LDL (bad) cholesterol)

Examples: phosphoric acid (promotes tooth enamel decay and skeletal bone calcium loss) (soft drinks)

Examples: preservatives to increase shelf life (chemical preservatives, vinegar, wax)

Examples: presentatives to enhance appearance (chemical colorings, chemical firming agents)

Do not consume decayed foods.

Our senses (sight, smell, taste, touch) function as early warning systems.

Examples: decayed fruits and vegetables

Examples: rancid nuts

Do not consume toxic foods.

Examples: From the food chain, higher-level predatory fish accumulate toxins such as mercury.

Examples: Shellfish contain concentrated toxins.

Do not consume diseased foods. (Pr 12:10, Pr 27:23)

Examples: Some food animals are routinely given antibiotics, growth drugs, pain killers, and unnatural feed.

Examples: Some food animals are routinely confined in darkness, with no windows and no room for movement.

Examples: Pigs contain parasitic worms.

Examples: Shellfish contain concentrated bacteria and viruses.

Examples: There is widespread animal infection with prions that cause deadly dementia.

Prions are virtually indestructible proteins with a horribly destructive, abnormal folding pattern.

Prions eventually cause sponge-like holes throughout the brain of their infected host.

Prions manifest no symptoms (or detection markers) in their infected host until several years or even several decades after infection.

Prions replicate by causing normal proteins to rearrange in an insidious, like manner.

Prions are unaffected by normal cleaning, cooking, freezing, radiation, dumping, and time.

Prions are not even affected by fire; on the contrary, burning distributes them widely in the air to wherever they might land.

Prions are transmitted horizontally via infected animal parts/products, infected soil, or even infected plants grown in infected soil.

Examples: infected meats, infected milk, infected eggs, supplements extracted from the glands of infected animals, gelatin pill capsules made from infected animals, lipstick made from infected animal fat, blood transfusions obtained from infected donors, contaminated medical instruments, and vaccines containing infected animal derivatives.

Prions are transmitted vertically from parent to offspring.

Prions have their historical roots first in human cannibalism (in remote Papua New Guinea) and later in forced, animal cannibalism (via feeds loaded with dead animal parts). (Pr 26:2)

In spite of public exposure, the unnatural, loathsome feed practices still continue, with the use of diseased animal carcasses that are sent for profit and processed for profit at rendering plants that grind them up and use them as a primary ingredient in modern livestock feed, thus forcing animals designed as herbivores to eat as carnivores.

Do not consume harmful fermentation byproducts (waste substances).

Fermentation is a decomposition/degradation, chemical process that typically produces harmful substances.

Examples: alcoholic drinks (Da 1:8 king's "wine")

In alcoholic drinks, the fermentation process produces alcohol.

Alcohol damages/destroys brain cells.

Alcohol weakens the immune system.

Alcohol promotes liver disease.

Alcohol reduces testosterone production in men, which promotes impotence.

Alcohol increases estrogen production in men, which promotes impotence.

Alcohol increases estrogen production in women, which promotes weight gain.

Alcohol decreases protein synthesis, which inhibits resistance exercise gains.

Examples: vinegar (Pr 10:26, Mt 27:34)

Note that pickled foods are often preserved in vinegar.

Note that apple cider is vinegar made from apples.

Examples: cheese

In cheese, the fermentation process produces many harmful substances, including ammonia, which is highly corrosive, damages body cells, and is toxic to the brain.

Do not consume overly stimulating substances.

Examples: caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks)

Caffeine is addictive.

Caffeine promotes blood sugar instability, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and excess stomach acid production.

Caffeine interfers with calcium and iron absorption.

Caffeine constricts (reduces) cerebral (brain) blood flow.

Examples: exciting spices, fiery (hot) spices

Do not consume cancer-causing (carcinogenic) substances.

Examples: smoking (promotes heart attack, stroke, and mouth, larynx, esophogus, and lung cancer)

Breathing second-hand smoke is equally dangerous.

Examples: chewing tobacco (promotes mouth, esophogus, and pancreatic cancer)

Examples: smoked and/or scorched (burnt) foods

Do not consume harmful chemical substances.

Examples: soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, hair dyes, household cleaners

Chemicals are readily absorbed through the skin.

Examples: aerosol sprays, chemical vapors, powders

Microscopic airborne particles (fumes/clouds) are readily inhaled.

Examples: pesticides and herbicides (in non organic foods)

These chemical treatments are designed for maximum coverage and retension.

Examples: illegal drugs

Many illegal drugs have harmful/deadly, long-term, physical effects.

Overdoses of illegal drugs can result in death.

Examples: prescription drugs

Many prescription drugs have harmful/deadly, long-term, physical effects.

The side effects of combinations of multiple prescriptions are beyond prediction.

Overdoses of prescription drugs can result in death.

Do not consume genetically modified (GMO) foods. (Mt 13:25, 1Ti 6:20, Rev 11:18)

Science cannot understand all the intricacies of God's design. (Dt 29:29 first part, Isa 55:9, Ro 11:33)

Examples: GMO fruits, GMO vegetables, GMO grains

Do not consume incompatible foods in the same meal. (a physical application of Am 3:3)

Consider the analogy of washing laundry in a washing machine.

Certain shades/types of fabrics need to be washed in separate laundry cycles.

Some food combinations can result in harm when combined in the same digestion cycle.

Examples: fruits and vegetables (not counting lemon/lime juice as salad dressing)

Do not eat between meals.

Consider the analogy of washing laundry in a washing machine.

It is poor sense to run through a complete laundry cycle for just a few small items.

Consider the analogy of stopping to get gas for your car.

It is poor sense to make a stop for only a couple gallons of gas.

Eating between meals greatly prolongs digestion.

2 or 3 proper meals a day result in a steady release of energy throughout the day.

Wait 5 hours between meals.

Do not eat close to bedtime.

Eating close to bedtime robs the digestion system of its needed nightly rest.

Wait 5 hours after the last meal, before going to bed.

Breakfast is what its name means: breaking a fast.

Do not consume food that is very hot or very cold.

The system must expend extra energy to warm very cold food before it can be digested.

The system is injured and enfeebled by very hot food.

Do not drink water that is sold in plastic bottles. (Pr 5:15)

Chemicals from the plastic will leach into the water.

Disposable plastic bottles are harmful to the environment.

Reusable glass containers are the best for storage.

Do not drink with your meals.

Fruits and vegetables already contain water.

Additional fluids interfere with digestion.

Foods should be thoroughly chewed, rather than washed down.

Do not overeat. (Pr 23:19-21, Php 3:18,19)

Overeating is eating too much food (volume) or too many types of food (variety) at the same meal.

Volume and variety overeating both hinder digestion.

Volume overeating promotes weight gain.

The fiber in unrefined plant products promotes feeling full, which curbs overeating.

Do not oversleep. (Pr 6:4,9,10, Pr 31:10,15)

Too much sleep has negative health effects.

Too much sleep has negative productivity and prosperity effects. (Pr 20:13, Pr 23:21, Pr 24:30-34)

Do not overwork. (Ps 104:23, Lk 21:37)

Too much work harms the family.

Too much work causes stress.

Do not block your skin's pores.

Open skin pores are needed for body temperature regulation.

Open skin pores are needed for elimination of toxins.

Chemicals are absorbed into the body through the skin.

Do not wear tight fitting clothing.

Tight fitting clothing interferes with circulation.

Do not listen to overly loud noises.

Overly loud noises damage your hearing.

Wear earmuffs or earplugs if you must work with or near an overly loud noise.

Examples: airplanes, air compressors

Examples: chain saws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed eaters

Examples: vacuum cleaners, blenders

Examples: loud motorcycles, loud music

Do not live in a daytime, dark house. (1Jn 1:5)

Since natural sunlight kills germs, rooms exposed to daylight have fewer bacteria.

Darkness, moisture, and warmth promote the growth of mold.

Daily sunlight through windows is needed for a healthy environment.

Do not live in a nighttime, light house.

The presence of the hormone melatonin is needed for the proper functioning of our biological clock (the circadian rhythm).

Light exposure suppresses the secretion of melatonin, resulting in a disruption of the sleep process.

Blue light has the greatest melatonin suppressant effect.

Because displays from electronic devices emit blue light, they should be turned off 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Modern, compact fluorescent and LED lights emit higher levels of blue light than traditional incandescent lights.

Do not live in the cities. (Isa 5:8, Pr 5:15 again)

The first city was built by the first murderer (Cain). (Ge 4:16,17 compare Job 1:12 last part)

Modern cities are full of overcrowded, multi-dwelling, tenements.

Modern cities are full of immorality, crime, and materialism.

Modern cities are full of chemical and noise pollution.

Modern cities are totally dependent on transported food and water.

Modern cities obscure God's great book of nature.

Mental harm

Do not be deceived. (Jer 7:4,8, Col 2:8, 2Th 2:3)

We must not trust in our own, independent, reasoning powers.

As members of a fallen race, our reasoning powers are weakened and inadequate. (Jer 17:9 self deception, Pr 14:12, Pr 28:26, Pr 12:15, Pr 18:2, Col 2:18 last part)

We need to reason with the mind of Christ. (Dt 1:17 last part, Isa 1:18, 1Co 2:16 last part)

The only way to avoid deception is to trust and obey the word of God. (Dt 5:32, Dt 28:14, 2Sa 22:21-25, Pr 4:20,25-27, Pr 30:5,6, Isa 30:21, Ac 17:10,11, 2Ti 2:15, Rev 22:18,19)

We need to walk by faith, not by appearances. (Mt 24:24, 2Co 5:7)

False teachers will dilute God's word with false doctrines. (Da 8:12, Ro 16:17,18, 2Co 11:13-15, Eph 4:14, 1Th 5:3, 2Ti 3:13, 1Jn 4:1)

To preserve their pleasurable lifestyles, many people will endorse and follow the false doctrines. (2Ti 4:1-4, 2Pe 2:1,2)

They will drink the intoxicating mental/spiritual poisons, rather than abstaining from them. (Rev 17:1,2, Jn 3:19,20, 2Th 2:8-12, 1Ti 4:1,2, Rev 18:1-4)

These poisons will cause eternally fatal results. (Rev 14:9-12)

Deception is mental blindness. (2Co 4:3,4)

Do not be double minded. (Jas 1:8, Jas 4:8)

We cannot serve two masters. (Mt 6:24, 2Co 6:14)

We cannot be both carnally and spiritually minded. (Ro 8:4-9, Gal 5:16,17)

Do not consume mind-altering substances. (Tit 2:12, 1Pe 1:13, 1Pe 4:7, 1Pe 5:8)

For our own safety and the safety of others, we need clarity of mind at all times.

Examples: alcohol (Pr 23:21, Pr 23:29-35, Pr 31:4,5, 1Co 6:9,10 drunkards) (Lev 10:8-10 and Eze 44:21, compare 1Co 6:19)

Alcohol is addictive. (Pr 23:35)

Alcohol is a leading cause of violent crimes. (Pr 20:1)

Alcohol reduces coordination and slows reaction time. (Pr 23:29 wounds without cause, Pr 23:34 like motion sickness)

Alcohol reduces decision making ability. (Pr 23:21 poverty, Pr 23:29 babbling, Isa 28:7 stumble in judgment)

Alcohol is a leading cause of automobile fatalities.

Alcohol promotes depression. (Pr 23:29 sorrow)

Examples: illegal drugs

Illegal drugs are designed to be addictive. (Isa 61:1 freedom from bondage)

Illegal drug use makes criminals financially wealthy.

Examples: prescription drugs

Some prescription drugs are addictive.

Many prescription drugs result in drowsiness or impaired cognition.

Without costly insurance, most prescription drugs are financially unaffordable.

Compare Rev 18:23, where the greek word for "sorceries" is "pharmakeia" (pronounced far-mak-i'-ah), which literally means medication (pharmacy).

Do not form harmful associations. (Ps 1:1, Pr 13:20, Ps 101:4, Eph 5:11, 1Co 15:33, 2Ti 3:1-5)

Do not practice competition/rivalry. (Gal 5:19-21 emulations, Php 2:3)

Emulation - "The act of attempting to equal or excel in qualities or actions; rivalry; desire of superiority, attended with effort to attain to it; ..." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Instead, each should seek the good of all. (Mt 7:12)

Do not have a negative attitude. (Pr 15:13, Pr 17:22, Ro 8:28, Php 4:13, Tit 2:13)

Examples: discouraging others (Nu 32:7, Dt 1:28, Eph 4:29)

Do not live in anger. (Pr 16:32, Pr 21:9,19)

Do not live in anxiety. (Php 4:6,7)

Do not live in debt. (Ro 13:8)

Being in debt is a stressful burden.

Under God's government, all native debts were cancelled every 7 years. (Dt 15:1-3)

Under God's government, all sold, country (agricultural) land was returned to its original, rightful owner every 50 years. (Lev 25:11-17,23,24,29-31)

Do not live in discord. (Pr 6:16-19, Am 3:3, Mk 3:24,25, Ac 15:36-40, Gal 5:19-21 variance, Php 2:14)

Variance - "Difference that produces dispute or controversy; disagreement; dissension; discord." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Do not live in fear. (2Ti 1:7, Isa 41:10,13, Isa 54:17)

Do not live in foolishness. (Pr 9:6)

Examples: not childproofing your home

Examples: letting children play in the street

Examples: walking carelessly through the woods (poison ivy, ticks, snakes, getting lost)

Examples: walking carelessly through the city (pickpockets, traffic, gangs, getting lost)

Do not live in idleness. (Pr 31:10,27)

Idleness promotes poverty. (Pr 13:4, Pr 19:15 last part, 2Th 3:10)

Idleness leads to decay and collapse. (Ecc 10:18, Eze 16:49)

Do not live in stress. (Ps 55:22, Mt 11:28)

Chronic stress promotes disease.

Do not live in virtual reality. (Ro 1:20-22)

Your mind will become confused by contradictions between virtual-world and real-world sensory inputs.

You will become sedentary, which leads to declining health.

You will become a gadget addict.

Examples: internet, TV, movies, videos, video games

Do not practice false meditation.

False meditation includes attempts to empty the mind. (Mt 12:43-45)

False meditation includes vain repetitions. (Mt 6:7)

True meditation contemplates God's character. (Ps 1:1,2, Ps 63:5-7, Ps 77:11,12)

Do not view evil media. (Ps 101:3, Pr 23:7 first part, Isa 33:15,16)

Evil media includes immorality, violence (compare Ge 6:11-13), spiritism, and/or falsehood.

Do not listen to evil music. (Ecc 7:5)

Evil music includes lyrics that are inane, vulgar, and/or violent.

Do not speak foolish talk. (Eph 5:3,4, Ps 39:1, Mt 15:11, Jas 1:26)

Do not wear immodest clothes. (1Pe 3:3-5)

We are to be simple, humble, modest, and sensible.

Do not wear ornaments. (Ex 33:3-6, 1Sa 16:7)

This includes body adornments such as make-up and tattoos. (Lev 19:28, 2Ki 9:30, Eze 23:39,40)

Do not wear clothes that confuse the sexes. (Ge 1:27, Dt 22:5, 1Co 6:9,10 effeminate)

Look to nature to see God's clear differentiation between male and female.

Do not judge others. (Mt 7:1-5, Ro 2:1, Ro 14:12,13, 1Co 4:5, Jas 4:11,12)

Spiritual harm

Do not break any of God's Ten Commandments. (Jos 1:7,8, 1Jn 3:4-6, Jas 2:10)

God will magnify His law. (Isa 42:21, Mt 5:17-19)

We are forewarned that in the last days an evil human system will create (speak) and enforce counterfeit, evil laws. (Rev 13:11-17 compare Da 7:16,17,23)

1. Do not have other gods. (Ex 20:3)

There is no God but the Creator. (Isa 45:21,22)

This includes putting anything before God. (Mt 6:33)

This includes believing there is no God (atheism). (Ps 14:1)

This includes believing in the theory of evolution in place of the reality of creation. (Heb 11:3)

This includes believing in false doctrines that distort God's true character. (Mt 15:9, 1Ti 4:1, 2Ti 4:3,4)

2. Do not have idols. (Ex 20:4-6, Dt 7:25,26, 1Co 10:7)

This includes setting up idols in your heart. (Eze 14:3,4)

This includes making appetite an idol. (Php 3:19)

This includes making personal pleasure an idol. (2Ti 3:4)

This includes making sports, movie, and music star idols.

This includes making materialism an idol. (Rev 3:17,18)

3. Do not misuse God's name. (Ex 20:7)

This includes using God's name irreverently. (Lev 19:12)

This includes cursing anyone, since we are all made in the image of God. (Jas 3:8-10 compare Ge 1:27)

This includes taking the name "Christian", and then living as a hypocrite. (Pr 30:9 last part, Rev 3:15,16)

This includes taking the name "Christian", and then marrying an unbeliever. (2Co 6:14-17, 1Ki 11:4-9, Ezr 10:10,11, Ne 13:26,27)

4. Keep the 7th-day Sabbath (Saturday) holy. (Ex 20:8-11)

This includes preparing for the Sabbath. (Ex 16:23, Mk 15:42)

This includes not doing your own pleasure on the Sabbath. (Isa 58:13)

This includes not buying or selling on the Sabbath. (Ne 10:31 first part, Ne 13:15-21)

5. Honor your parents. (Ex 20:12)

This includes cheerfully obeying your parents. (Col 3:20)

This includes helping your parents. (Mk 7:9-13)

This includes not shunning your parents. (Mal 4:5,6)

6. Do not kill. (Ex 20:13)

This includes killing in thoughts and feelings via anger. (Mt 5:21,22)

This includes killing in thoughts and feelings via prejudice. (Jas 2:1-4,9-11)

This includes killing via gross negligence.

Examples: drunk driving

This includes killing the unborn (abortion). (Jer 1:5, Ge 49:25, Ps 127:3, Ps 139:13, Ecc 11:5, Isa 46:3, Isa 49:1,5, Lk 1:15,41,44, Lk 2:21)

This includes killing yourself (suicide). (1Co 6:19,20, 2Pe 3:9)

This includes slowly killing via destructive practices. (Mt 18:7)

Examples: manufacturing and/or selling cigarettes

Examples: manufacturing and/or selling alcoholic drinks

Examples: manufacturing and/or selling illegal drugs

This includes eternally killing by not sharing the gospel. (Eze 3:18)

7. Do not commit adultery. (Ex 20:14)

The word "adultery" includes all forms of sexual immorality.

Adultery - "In a scriptural sense, all manner of lewdness or unchastity, as in the seventh commandment." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Lewdness - "The unlawful indulgence of lust; fornication, or adultery." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Unchastity - "Incontinence; lewdness; unlawful indulgence of the sexual appetite." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Incontinence - "Want of restraint of the sexual appetite; free or illegal indulgence of lust; lewdness; used of either sex, but appropriately of the male sex. incontinence in men is the same as unchastity in women." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Immorality - "Any act or practice which contravenes the divine commands or the social duties." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Note: Contravene - "to oppose in principle or effect" (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

This includes sexual immorality via fornication. (1Co 10:8, 1Th 4:3)

This includes sexual immorality via unlawful divorce. (Mal 2:14-16, Mt 19:6-9)

This includes sexual immorality via lustful thoughts. (Mt 5:27,28, 2Co 10:5)

This includes sexual immorality via same sex immorality. (Mt 19:4,5, Ro 1:26-28,32)

Note that alcohol weakens moral, sexual restraint. (Pr 23:30,33)

8. Do not steal. (Ex 20:15)

This includes stealing via withholding wages from workers. (Dt 24:14,15, Jer 22:13)

This includes stealing via extortion. (Jer 22:17, Eze 18:18)

This includes stealing via exploitation of ignorance, weakness, or dependence. (Ex 22:22-24, Ex 23:9, Ps 35:10, 2Pe 2:3)

This includes stealing via human trafficking (modern slavery). (Ex 21:16)

This includes stealing by not paying back a debt. (Ps 37:21)

This includes tolerance of stealing by not standing up for the rights of the oppressed. (Pr 31:8,9, Pr 14:31, Isa 1:17, Isa 58:6, Heb 13:3)

This includes stealing from God, by withholding a tithe (tenth) of our income from His church and offerings for His work. (Mal 3:8-12)

9. Do not give false testimony. (Ex 20:16, Pr 6:16-19, Pr 12:22, Pr 13:5, Jn 8:44, Col 3:9, Rev 22:14,15)

This includes lying via cheating. (Lk 16:10)

This includes lying via gossip. (Pr 18:8)

This includes lying via hyperbole (exaggerated statements). (Mt 5:37)

This includes lying via deceptive marketing practices. (Lev 19:35-37, Pr 11:1, Pr 20:10,17, Hos 12:7)

10. Do not covet. (Ex 20:17)

This includes coveting via materialism. (Rev 3:17,18, Pr 30:8,9, Ecc 5:10-12, Mt 6:19,20, Mt 6:24, Mt 16:26, Mt 19:21-26)

This includes coveting via gambling. (1Ti 6:10)

This includes coveting by not sharing with the needy. (Isa 58:7, Pr 21:13, Jas 2:15-17)

This includes coveting by desiring prestige. (Lk 16:14,15 the Pharisees)

Do not fail to do the good you know you should do. (sins of omission) (Jas 4:17)

Examples: not telling someone something they need to know

Do not think and seek to be justified by the law. (legalism) (Ro 3:20, Gal 2:16, Gal 5:4)

Do not omit the weightier matters of the law. (Mt 23:23, Mt 22:37-40, Ro 7:6,7,12, 2Co 3:6)

Do not disrespect God. (Ps 145:17, Ro 9:20, Rev 5:11-13)

True health maintains holiness. (Lev 19:2)